How it works

Working with you

Credit Corp provides customers with the opportunity to maintain control of their financial situation by working flexibly and providing affordable repayment solutions.  

When you receive a communication from Credit Corp you should contact us promptly so that we can work together to agree a repayment plan tailored for your individual circumstances.

Your assigned Customer Relationship Manager will work with you to determine your circumstances and assist you in designing a repayment plan. 


What are the options?

  • We’re committed to working with you over a period of time. We start by getting an understanding of your financial situation and then work to agree on an affordable repayment plan.
  • We encourage customers to get in touch with us promptly. This will ensure that you remain in control and will give you the best opportunity to minimise any interest and fees and positively impact your credit file. Delay may result in escalating collection activity which limits your alternatives and ability to remain in control.

  • While our Customer Relationship Managers are equipped to work with almost any situation, we understand that some customers may require independent assistance. On our ‘Debt Assist’ page you will find some useful information about organisations that may be able to assist in managing your finances.

  • We have decades of experience in working successfully with customers who have experienced financial difficulty.


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